1976 CB360T: From a cold shed in New England to the hot sun of South Florida

Words By: Matt McKenna
Finished Build Photos by: Michael Spain-Smith 
Built by: Sean McKenna

The bike that helped forge an idea into a way of life. Imperial Moto’s resident bike builder (and my big brother) Sean McKenna is a life long fixer of all things mechanical. He was properly trained as an automotive technician, but long before he stepped foot into Bay 17 at the Keefe Technical trade school in Framingham, Ma., he knew what he was – a master mechanic destined for a life of mechanical creations, craftsmanship and full on tinkering. Did I mention he loves motorcycles?

From an early age, Sean had a passion for how things worked. At 14 years old, when the other kids in the neighborhood were glued to their ColecoVision, he was disassembling his 1985 Kawasaki KDX80 dirt bike just to learn how the pieces fit together. “I was always curious how things worked, what better way to learn then to disassemble and reassemble”, said Sean McKenna.

This project came to fruition in the summer of 2016 when I asked Sean if he would help design and build a bike to kick-start the launch of the Imperial Moto brand. I knew Sean’s skills and was confident that if he put his mind to it,  he could build an amazing bike. So equipped with a small shed, a space heater and the desire to create a beautiful bike, he began. The base for this build was a 1976 CB360T, it was essentially a “barn find” with under 2,000 original miles.

After 9 months and nearly 700 hours, we have the most beautiful Honda CB360T that we have ever set eyes on.

Click here to view: 1976 CB360T Build Spec Sheet

by: Imperial Moto’s GM and resident bike builder, Sean McKenna

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